On an anonymous blog today, allegations of a security flaw in the .AS Registry which was supposed to allow anyone to take control of any .AS domain were promoted by the blogger.

Responding to the allegation, Stephen Deerhake, for the AS Domain Registry said today:

"The report is inaccurate, misleading and sexed-up to the max".

"While it is true that in January of this year we received a report of an issue, that issue related to the legacy registrar system, NOT to the backend Rgistry system. At no time was the Registry system itself in jeopardy".

"Most domain names in .AS are now managed by registrars using EPP, and this system is not involved in any way. To suggest otherwise is scaremongering."

Mr Deerhake went on to explain: "We fixed the potential issue back in February with the legacy Registrar system before any problems arose. There was never any potential for unauthorized changes to domain name information, as the Legacy Registrar system is a manual system."